15 Things I Learned (& will implement) At Traffic & Conversion Summit 2019

15 Things I Learned (& will implement) At Traffic & Conversion Summit 2019

It was our first year at Traffic & Conversion Summit… and all I have to say is wow! So much awesome content from so many amazing speakers. But now that a few weeks have passed most people have forgot all about it, and the nuggets of knowledge are left in a notebook never to be reviewed again. That’s why I wrote this listicle, so I could share the information but mostly so I could remember and use it as a checklist and reminder.


1. Use premiums to increase conversion rates.

Premiums are the ‘gift’ in gift with purchase. If you are running paid ads your conversion rate could go from 2% to 10%,  better to give this extra value to your customer than to Facebook. This tip was from Perry Belcher.


2.Don’t think of the process a customer goes through as a funnel,  think of it as a journey… humanize it… think of the entirety of the relationship.


3. Sometimes do things just because it’s the right thing to do…even if you’re not sure if it will scale…Ryan Deiss


4. Answer the dumb questions and be ultra specific.Whatever business you’re in you’re  likely asked the same questions over and over again… write blog articles about them, go to Quora and linked in and create articles and videos about those questions. You’ll get tons of traffic.


5. Must Have Plugins/Apps/Extensions – Definitely install the Star Rating Review Plugin/App… maybe everyone has already doing this, but we haven’t used one yet. Also install FOMO (Fear of Mission Out) The little widget that says “Janet in Baltimore just purchased that bracelet”


6. If you’re targeting an older audience, be sure to edit in the captions right into your video so they’re bigger.  – Ezra Firestone


7. According to Ezra Firestone, GIFs are most effective for retargeting ads.


8. If you host videos on your site, use the facebook video embed code, instead of youtube, so you can create an audience from them and retarget.


9. Write More Listicles and Tip lists.

Types of Content

Easy to create and and they get great engagement!


10 Create a quiz to get new leads.

3 Types of quizzes that work:

  • The Promise of Self Discovery. For example, what kind of Disney Character are you.
  • The fear of loss is stronger than the promise of gain… so a quiz like this could work “Do you make these mistakes in English or 10 golf swing killers
  • How do you compare? Quizzes likes “what’s your real age?” or What kind of Business owner are you

Check out example of quiz at www.choosethequiz.com

Quiz software bucket.io, typeform, leadquizzes.com


11. People buy from you when they feel understood, not when they understand. It’s not about you, it’s about them. This should be relieving so you don’t get in the way of yourself


12. Work on improving story telling especially if you’re in a highly controlled industry (like weight loss). Customers can’t argue about a story, but they can argue facts.


13. Use Hemmingwayapp.com when you write… this helps you simplify and clarify your writing.


14. Different is better than better. It’s good to be better, but it’s better to be different. She talks about finding what makes you unique and offers this quiz to find out. -Sally Hogshead

Here is the type of information you will get when you take the quiz

15. There is no shortage of tools. Here is a comprehensive list of just about every tool under the sun

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