Do Email Subject Lines with Emojis get better Results

Do Email Subject Lines with Emojis get better Results

A subject line is the most critical sentence of your email and you would often find it as the top email marketing tip in how-to articles. A boring line will mean your email is disregarded or just deleted from the inbox without being read.


Which means all the diligent work done in composing your email would be in vain!


If your subscribers consistently don’t open your email, your email client (Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook) may start to mark you as ‘Spam.’ This is a real negative if you’re running ecommerce email marketing campaigns.

Email clients have become more complex about recognizing which emails are engaging most customers and which emails do not engage customers. Thus, they choose which emails should not reach in their inbox. It becomes imperative to create engaging subject lines to create the curiousness or create the want to open your Emails.


To abstain from sending regular titles to your endorsers, you’ve most likely considered including emoticons. Do they genuinely catch the viewer’s eye? Let’s see if the millennial trend of using the emojis will help achieve the highest open rates or not, with the help of this test that was run by GetResponse conducted by Jamie Turner from 60 Second Marketer and Agorapulse.


Jamie did not believe the studies that said adding an emoji to an email subject line may result in 50% higher open rates, and in some cases a 93% expansion in CTR (Click Through Rate) because of an emoticon in the subject line. They wanted to check if this was true by running a few test email campaigns.  

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Testing Subject lines with Emoticons:


Jamie from 60 Second Marketer ran E-mail campaigns on six different days with about 4000 subscribers that regularly receive an email per week.


On the other side, Agorapulse too ran E-mail campaigns on four different days with about 500 subscribers that receive an email per week.


These lists had different people, E-mail contents, Emoticons, and subject lines.


To experiment with, both the teams used the emojis in different ways. Some used it at the end of the subject line, and some used the emojis at the beginning of the subject line.


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An example::

Here are individual results of both the teams:

Jamie Agorapulse
Open Rate with Emojis 10.51% 14%
Open rate without Emojis 10.85% 13.65%
CTR with Emojis 1.62% 1.43%
CTR without Emojis 1.73% 1.40%

Let’s check out the combined score of Jamie and Agorapulse after the test was over:

  •    The combined open rate with Emoticons scores of was 12.09%.
  •    The combined open rate WITHOUT emoticons score was 12.25%.
  •    The combined CTR with Emoticons was 1.52%.
  •    The combined CTR WITHOUT emoticons was 1.56%.

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For Jamie the hero was without emojis, for Agorapulse it was with emoticons (yet just marginally). However, with combined results, we can see that without emoticons performed better, although slightly.


After seeing the results, we can say that these aren’t measurably huge. There is neither immense difference nor sufficiently huge numbers to draw a solid conclusion. However, it does give you the knowledge that:


  •    There is no harm in using Emojis. At the same time, there is no advantage.
  •    You will see different results from email to email.

Also, if you decide to go ahead with using the emojis in the subject line, make sure that you test it with different email clients and browsers. Unfortunately, not all browsers and email applications show your emojis the way you have inserted. So, the same smiley face that you see while you test your email via Gmail on your Chrome may not be viewed the same way if your subscriber opens it in a different browser on their smartphone.


The key takeaway for all email marketing campaigns is that it will differ from situation to situation. It might work miraculously for some business and may have neutral responses for others. But don’t expect emojis to dramatically change your email marketing!


Would it be a good idea for you to incorporate emoticons in your email subject lines? Maybe!


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