Grow Your Email List With These 7 Creative Tips

Grow Your Email List With These 7 Creative Tips

Although high traffic on your website is extremely important, it won’t be as beneficial if visitors are just looky-loos. Building and growing your email list through a lead generation campaign is important for an online business. Email lists can be built through email signup forms strategically and creatively placed across your website.


Email lists can shrink as members opt out of email subscriptions, hence, keeping them engaged while continuously growing the list is an important responsibility of a marketer.


Here are tips to help you build and grow your Klaviyo email marketing lists:


1. Keep your Email Signup Lists Simple:


Email Sing-up


You need forms that visitors can easily fill up. Complicated forms with many fields can averse them and defy the whole purpose of putting up forms. When you are designing your form, keep the fields limited to the information you might actually need to follow up. Since most people today browse the internet on their smartphones, your forms should also be mobile friendly.


Validation prompts can be a useful measure to assist your visitors. Your visitors are taking out the time to fill out the form, the last thing your visitors will want is to receive an error after hitting submit. So, when people forget to put dot com at the end of their email address or miss out a digit in their number, validation prompts will notify them about the error.


2. Give visitors incentives to sign up:


Newsletter Subscribe



Without incentives, people are unlikely to give out their contact information to you. So, what incentives can be given? Coupons and discounts are a great option. Coupons and discounts give your visitors an immediate reason to share their contact information. It also encourages spending. If you want to increase awareness about your products or services, giveaways are the way to go. Another lucrative way to expand your digital marketing (SEO) reach is by offering special discounts or giveaways to people who share your giveaway with your friends.


3. Grow your List via Social Media :


Social Media Sharing


Online contests on Facebook or Instagram is a quick way to grow your email list. Hosting online contests gives you a means to create awareness and also gather contact information. You can attract attention through simple yet creative contest ideas on Instagram such as best caption or lucky draw. A Twitter campaign can be used to promote a free ebook which your users can redeem by signing up. Pinterest can be extremely useful in promoting and generating lead through catchy visual content.


4. Engage through Content :


Engage Content


If your email recipients find your emails to be of no use to them, they will certainly opt out. Your email content needs to be informative and engaging if you want people to stay subscribed to your email list. In order for your emails to be useful to people, sending them according to buyer persona is important. Segregate your mailing list according to buyer persona and send targeted content to each category. Email recipients are more likely to click on an email that caters to their specific needs, otherwise, your emails will get lost in the void.


5. Create a Blog that Readers can Subscribe to :


Email Subscribe


Blog posts not just help you increase your search engine rankings but also develop trust and loyalty between businesses and their customers. If a reader is impressed by a blog post, he will want more of your content which he can do so by subscribing to your blog. Content, therefore, is the backbone of your email marketing efforts. People will subscribe only if they find your content valuable and continue to stay subscribed if they continue getting valuable content from your end.


6. Create “Members” only Offers :


Zesty Member Card


This only works if your business is well established and people are already using your products or services. Campaigns which give special offers or discounts to members only will prompt more customers to subscribe and become members. Such offers also encourage spending, leading to immediate returns on your efforts.


7. Join a Brand Partnership Program :


Email Partnership Program


DojoMojo is a platform that puts brands in touch so they can collaborate with other brands whose audience they’d like to reach. For example, if you sell pet products, you can run a joint sweepstake with other pet brands, and the people who sign up are added to your email list. As an example, on our Dojo free trial, we joined a campaign with other brands with similar audiences. The campaign produced a total of 6000 new leads (email addreses) many of which have already placed orders. Click on this link to get a $25 discount at DojoMoji.


Klaivyo is an email service provider that allows you to get real-time analytics on how your campaigns and flow perform. It integrates right into Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce. You can segment your list and target exactly the right customer with the right message. I’ve used many ESPs and this is by far the best. Learn more about Klaviyo here.


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