Klaviyo Conference 2019 Highlights

Klaviyo Conference 2019 Highlights

The Klaviyo conference in Boston did not disappoint. πŸ™Œ With twice the attendance from previous year they were able to step up their speaker list, number of tracks and venue. Zesty was not able to attend all the seminars, but here are our key takeaways.

β˜‘ Use Owned Marketing channels (email, SMS etc) to own the relationship with your customers. Constantly get feedback from them (Through surveys and conversations) and share that feedback with the whole team.

β˜‘ Many brands list their FB group as a valuable asset.

β˜‘ Test everything then once you have a winner send it to the greater list. Chubbies tests 4 Subject Lines for every email they send and they throw everything out there to see what gets the best reaction in early tests.

β˜‘ Be unique and stand out in the crowd. Don’t be afraid to go outside of brand guidelines or your comfort zone. Give your customers and subscribers a compelling reason to come back and buy again.

β˜‘ What we heard over and over was the importance of injecting your own personality (or brand personality) into your marketing: examples: Chubbies and Death Wish Coffee

β˜‘ Many brands send emails that don’t sell a thing, but brand values are represented in the types of articles they write about: helping people connect to what matters most. This content is of interest to readers and ties back to brand values.

β˜‘ Successful brands are highlighting a customer of the month through email or other channels.

β˜‘ Many brands are having success with FB lives.

β˜‘ Death Wish Coffee talked aboutclick share being the most important metric in email… for example, if in an email you have lots of links– product and non product.. the percent that goes to product vs non product is click share.

Based on this data Death Wish decided to separate their product emails from their content emails… and they are earning a ton from the non-content emails. They did a small study on what kinds of things are important to their customers (memes, escapism etc) and so that’s the kind of content they put into their non-product emails… things their customers care about that indirectly support their brand values.

β˜‘ Don’t be lazy about promotions. Dig into what has worked and what hasn’t and find a solution. For example, https://purelei.com noticed that their popups weren’t doing as well as they could. So they came up with a Mystery Discount strategy. People were told they could win between $5-$100 in product. When they entered their email, they were entered into a flow. The first email of the flow had 5 different variations. Each variation gave a different dollar amount off and the lesser discounts were weigthed heavier. (ie: more emails with $5 discounts were sent than for $100 discounts). They used the Klaviyo/Shopify dynamic coupon feature.

They also didn’t tell you how much you won right away… you had to fill up your shopping cart and actually enter the discount to know. This promoted the person to actually look around… fill up the cart. Then if they abandoned then cart abandon emails would trigger We will definitely also try this out for VIP segments

Of course the product launches that Klaviyo is launching is SMS and advanced reporting. Zesty is super excited about both of these things.

To find out more about the Klaviyo conference highlights head over to the Klaviyo website where they have a recap.

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