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Four reasons to Amplify Your Email Marketing Program

Email Marketing Conversion Rate
highest conversion rate

Email marketing has the highest conversion rate of any channel, in any industry. Brands experience email conversion rates between 4%-10%. Compare that to the overall ecommerace conversion rate of just 1.3%.

Email Marketing Revenue

Email is the most profitable channel, it far exceeds social media and paid ads. Once you have acquired a lead, you can email that person for virtually no additional cost.

Mail Us
email is ubiquitous

Despite what you might've heard, email is not dead. In fact, the number of email users is growing everyday. And it's not just older people 78% of teenagers use email, and 99% of us check email everyday. For some, it's as many as 20 times a day.

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you own it

Once you have the email addres it's yours, unlike social media. Facebook decides who is going to see your message and when. If Facebook shuts its doors, you would be left empty-handed.

so why choose zesty digital marketing?

Zesty Web Development Services

We understand business. We've built and sold brands, ran companies and dealt with all of the same issues you do. Cash flow, inventory, distribution, sales. We've been working with and in brands for 20 years. Now we're laser focused on digital marketing, specifically using content/SEO and email to drive lead generation to increase your revenue.

We take the time upfront to create a robust digital marketing strategy so you are able to get every last dollar out of your marketing program. We'll work with you on the creative vision, implement powerful automation, test and use data-driven insights to draw conclusions, and then either change up the plan, or scale.


Here's How We Can Help Generate Revenue in Your Ecommerce Email Marketing

Full Service Management

We'll collaborate with your team to learn everything we can about your brand then we take the weight off your shoulders so you can focus on what you're best at. We can handle lead generation (Facebook/Instagram ads), migrating to Klaviyo, creating basic to very complex automations, segmenting your list, testing and analysis, even copywriting and creative. To start, we'll conduct an email audit to see what's working and to get a deep understanding of your process in order to provide a go forward plan that will move the meter.

email subscriber acquisition

To feed the robust email marketing machine we'll build, we need actual people to send the emails to! We'll implement programs like behavior driven sign up forms, awesome looking landing pages that convert, and social media advertising that will quickly build that subscriber list. We can also create articles for your website that will help with SEO and driving people to your site. The result? More emails = more conversions=more money!

list management & deliverability overhaul

Are your emails getting red flagged by Google? Are you getting too many spam complaints? If you're having email deliverability issues we'll take a deep dive into the statistics, issues, and reasons for the decreased deliverability and then work out a plan to improve then execute and manage the overhaul.

design & code

If you don't have an in house Design & Dev department, no worries! We design effective on brand emails that convert. We'll ensure the emails are coded to display properly across all device. We can also design and code email acquisition landing page.

analytics & testing

We go way beyond basic email stats like open and click rate. You'll glean deep insights about your audience that you can even use for your KPIs, product dev and of course that we'll use for the best performing email possible we'll discover hidden insights that we'll convert to money making opportunities. We're constantly optimizing to ensure that the best content is being delivered to just the right person at just the right time!

segmentation & automation

We learn what moves the meter in your business, then segment your list. It's not about sending the same message to every single person in your list, it's about sending the perfect message to the right person at just the right time. We go way above and beyond the standard automations: The riches are in the niches and we'll find them!

We are a

klaviyo professional partner

and will use this wonderfully robust! email marketing machine to increase your email revenue dollars. There's no other system that provides as much transparency into the data to create, flows and segements. We can provide your team in depth training so you can do it all in house or we can manage it for you. Sign up for free here

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